sam couch

Sam Pardes is a dance artist living between London and New York, whose practice includes choreographing, performing, dancing, improvising, collaborating and networking.

Employing the anxieties, exposure, discomfort and vulnerability that surround the performance situation, her projects confront the very notion of dancing, performance and choreographic practice. Curious about the uncertainties of the performer/spectator encounter, her work wallows in ideas of futility, limitation, insufficiency, perseverance and laziness. She embraces the contradictions of how to approach, perform, stage, extend, and preserve failure.

Her work takes place across and beyond the stage, screen and studio; and makes use of an entanglement of personal, professional and performance identity. Her latest solo, What Have I Got To Show For It?, addresses the economic and social realities that surround an artist’s choice to continue to produce choreographic work. Grounded in stage performance, her recent projects span video installation, audio work, print and photo-collage. Inhabiting contradiction and limitation, her practice responds to the particular tensions of the present moment.

She asks: What’s valid choreography? What’s good dance? What’s enough?