Forty or so dances, some better than others

Forty or so dances, some better than others is a solo practice and improvised performance exposing a bare process of dance and thought.

Following from my previous solo’s enquiry into maintaining a professional choreographic practice, this project is concerned with my uncertain relationship to dancing. How, when and why might I continue to dance?

Set within a field of tangled microphone cable, I introduce to myself and my audience a series of dances. Observing my emerging movements, gestures and positions, both dancer and viewer sit with the question: ‘is this good dancing?’. The ensuing improvisations unfold from this attention, through processes of delving, refining, persisting, developing, transforming, struggling, testing, settling, or quitting.

Performance: Sam Pardes
Dramaturg: Paul Hughes

Developed with the support of Sheffield Theatres.

40 dances (test non-pink).jpg