Walking any distance with hot food isn’t going to be convenient

Michaelis Theatre, University of Roehampton, London. May 2016.

Performers: Chantelle Fullard, Kashish Gaba, Josh Gill, Philip Kijowski, Sarah Lotter and Drummond Ross

Dramaturg: Paul Hughes

Walking any distance with hot food isn’t going to be convenient is a stage performance which questions the agency, status and taste of a group of performers, including both dancers and domestic furniture. Endlessly shifting and fidgeting, chaos and absurdity are presented through constructing, positioning, posing and dancing. The indifferent group deals with their collective and individual dis/organization within the confines of the stage, directly intervening in the technologies of light and sound. Alternately ignoring or appealing to their audience, the work unfolds through futility, spectacle, humour and tedium.

“Here’s a list of things I remember – people moving furniture, making decisions about where to put things, dealing with differences of opinion, commenting on each other, changes in status and power relationships, encouraging each other, analyzing the piece within the piece, loners, soloists, group dynamics, ensemble togetherness, some movement, even some dancing! Resonances of Beckett, Bausch, Wooster Group and early Meredith Monk […] you’ve worked with such a light touch yet your authorship is unmistakable.”
– Lalitaraja, Senior Lecturer in Dance at The University of Roehampton


All photos by Ariadne Mikou

Video by Paul Hughes

Full video of work available here: https://vimeo.com/217232430