You Push a Button

Participatory installation. Michaelis Studio, University of Roehampton, London. February 2015.

You Push A Button explores technology, performance, space and the digital through an assemblage of both old and new media objects, and their attendant cultural significance. The installation guides a viewer to interact with this scrap heap of living and dead media, as it is orbited by live video projections of audience interaction, a recording of a 1960s lecture by media theorist Marshall McLuhan, and a text which enacts an interrogation of the projector as an unpredictable technology, participant and object.

“There’s this dialogue between this dead guy from the 60s, and these living guys from the 21st century, who are both reckoning with media that’s native to them. The ‘dead/alive’ thing is running coherently throughout the work. […] I was really really excited coming out of this work, I was so excited that I texted my boyfriend.”
– Arabella Stanger, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance, University of Sussex

Photo by Ariadne Mikou